To create spaces and deconstruct them is a method that I appliy in my artistic practice. With these spatial investigations and pictorial spaces I aim to expose gaps or to fill void spaces, thus pointing on a visual level at the ideas behind objects and spaces. With my work I broache the issue of what is behind the appearance of things.

My urban and rural explorations take the form of visual research, producing photographs of architecture, of random interventions in public space, or of places and non-places. These are the raw materials for my work in the studio.
In libraries, vintage book-shops and in the internet I rummage through the cultural memory, fully aware that the impression left by middle European culture is only one of many possible perceptions.

Playing with volume and vacuum, I juxtapose cultural, urbanistic and historical layers of meaning of spatial perception. I ascribe equal importance to the imaginary and the real space, adding or subtracting it from the picture.

Space can be understood in this sense as the metaphor for the ideas, values and world perceptions surrounding us. This is the backdrop for my artistic research, originating from an interest in philosophical issues.